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The New Normal: Post-Pandemic Leadership


We have all experienced how lives can radically change in a matter of minutes. 2020 will be forever remembered in that light.

The pandemic required us to pivot from what we viewed as “normal” to a very different way of living and working. It certainly has challenged leaders to get “comfortable with uncomfortable”. For example, the pandemic forced thousands of companies to accelerate the use of digital technology for things such as remote working, team collaboration, and conducting business in an online environment. 

The post-pandemic world will also call upon leaders to think differently about their responsibilities and accountabilities to their employees, customers, and their communities.

As you reflect and develop your post-pandemic leadership game-plan, I’d like to offer a few concepts for your consideration.

Reimagine the Way You Lead

Empathy, transparency, agility, and being authentic really matter, more than ever before.

We’ve all heard the adage, “People want to know how much you care before they care how much you know.” I propose this could never be more true with both your employees and your customers. The past year has been extremely difficult for millions of Americans across the country, some experiencing hardships nothing in life could have prepared them for. Be intentional about investing time to improve in these areas, develop a plan, and act on it.

Lessons Learned

As we come out of the pandemic, take time to reflect on lessons learned. Also, solicit lessons. Ask for perspectives from others within your business and your industry. Strive to implement improvements that can leverage those lessons and perspectives.

Future-Fit Workforce

How future-fit is your workforce? For those in a leadership role, this is a good time to assess your organization’s ability to adapt. Many companies adapted very well in-light of pandemic challenges and yet, many not so well. For those who have been successful, at the core of the success is the adaptability of their workforce. Commit to developing employees to ensure they have the skill set necessary to thrive in a post-pandemic marketplace. Help your employees by raising skills in areas such as: innovation, problem solving, strategic decision making, and customer-centric behaviors.

Leadership Matters

More than ever leaders need to create a vibrant work culture where teams collaborate, learn from each other, challenge each other, and make effective change. Leadership in the post-pandemic world requires new ways of thinking, leading, and connecting to thrive.

I hope something you heard today will inspire your thoughts and actions and contribute to your future success.

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