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I think we all could agree the world we were living in before COVID-19 was already changing at light speed, driven by a world connected digitally, socially, and economically. COVID-19 and the resulting ramifications have accelerated the need to adapt to this new normal. This will be a matter of survival on several fronts. The new normal is already impacting your company’s brand and the future success you derive from your ability to adapt to changing consumer demands.

There is no doubt that the power has shifted. The consumer has the power more than ever. Perception is reality.

It is not what we think of our company brand that matters – it’s what the consumer thinks and feels about our brand that really matters. The world is going to be a different place post COVID-19. This might not be all bad. Now is a good time to pause and reflect on your brand and the potential changes necessary to adapt to this new normal. Take a critical and objective look at the current state of your brand. Look at everything – internal and external.

Ask yourself:

  • Has your brand adapted to changes in your market?
  • What impact does remote working have on your ability to deliver on your brand promise?
  • Is your brand sensitive and responsive to what your customers are facing in these uncertain and challenging times?
  • Do your actions, decisions and processes stay true to your brand messaging and promise?

Examine how you can continue to deliver your brand messaging to your target market and customer base in a social distancing world. Consider innovative ways you can deliver information to your customers that have the potential to help make their lives simpler and easier.

  • Show them you care about their well-being.
  • Help your customers save money.
  • Consider innovative ideas to lower your costs, which in turn allows you to pass along some of that savings to them.

We know one thing for sure about the future – it will continue to change at a rapid pace. Be highly receptive to new ideas and innovation and how that can help your brand continue to evolve with purpose and relevancy in your customers’ eyes. The brands that can adapt will be the ones that will survive and flourish.

The new normal presents all of us with an opportunity to challenge our ability to embrace change, think differently, and adapt. A digitally connected world combine with a global pandemic has fueled a need to rethink our approach to branding.

Hope something I shared today helps you personally and professionally as you strive for success in the new normal.



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