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Proactive Approach to Managing Claims

We act quickly to investigate, evaluate and resolve claims while helping your employees receive the right care, from the right providers, at the right time. We manage our own Medical Provider Network and have multiple PPOs customized for our national coverage. 

Our workers’ compensation claim handling philosophy has: 

  • Medical management thoroughly integrated;
  • Cost containment procedures as key elements; and
  • Registered nurses performing early intervention, with physicians providing timely and appropriate care.

We understand when an employee is injured, the injury or illness may range from mild to severe, and at times, emotions can run high. A calm, caring member of the AmeriTrust team is just a phone call away to help walk you through the initial steps of reporting the claim and provide you with information to help your employee get the appropriate level of care.

What should you do when an on-the-job injury or illness occurs?

  1. Transport the injured employee to a medical care facility (in the case of any emergency, call 911 immediately)
  2. Order a post-accident drug test
  3. Secure the scene of any serious accident for investigative purposes
  4. Secure and save any equipment or materials that were involved in the accident
  5. Complete an accident investigation report within 24 hours
  6. Report the claim to AmeriTrust at (800) 726-9006. You can also email a claim form to [email protected] or fax to (855) 603-8409


Recommended steps to take BEFORE an on-the-job injury/illness occurs


  • Each state has its own laws about what must be posted and distributed relating to workers’ compensation information in your workplace. You, as the employer, are required to post the certificate and posters required by your state in each of your locations where you have one or more employees. Please visit your state workers’ compensation website for compliance requirements in your state or visit our Knowledge Library for more information.

  • Visit our Knowledge Library for a number of tools and resources available to you on the topic of work-place safety. 

  • In most states, the employer has the authority to determine which hospitals, doctors, or urgent care facilities their employee must use in case of injury.

  • Return-to-work programs help get injured employees back to their normal or modified job duties as quickly and safely as possible. Instead of paying for workers’ compensation costs and lost work days, you’ll save money by paying your employees their normal wages for doing light duty work.



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