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Workers’ Comp for National Association of Music Merchants


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National Association of Music Merchants Insurance Program

Plain and simple. Accidents can and do happen in the workplace. Workers’ compensation insurance helps you protect one of your businesses’ most valuable assets, your employees, should they be injured or become ill while performing their job duties. Worker’s compensation coverage also protects you, the small business owner, by providing legal liability coverage in the event the business faces legal expenses or damages which may arise from workplace injury or illness.

Your Workers’ Compensation insurance can protect you from:

  • Medical costs associated with claim 
  • Wage replacement for injured employee 
  • Coverage for ongoing care and rehabilitation
  • Disability payments
  • Death benefits to families

For more than 30 years AmeriTrust has been partnering with associations to deliver niche insurance programs. We are honored to serve as a trusted partner to NAMM by adding value to the endorsed benefit provider program through the delivery of workers' comp insurance and services. AmeriTrust  CONNECT offers a premium credit to NAMM members as part of the NAMM endorsed benefit program.

AmeriTrust CONNECT empowers NAMM members through:

    • A simple, fast, direct online quote experience
    • Coverage options to meet your needs
    • Competitive pricing with flexible payment plans
    • Online account and risk management resources
    • Superior service and claims handling
    • Dividend opportunities for eligible participating members

Get your workers' compensation quote in minutes!

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AmeriTrust CONNECT Presents a SIMPLE.FAST.DIRECT. Online Workers’ Compensation Solution.


With our easy-to-navigate quote wizard, applying for workers’ compensation coverage online is as simple as a snap!


In minutes, you can complete the online application, receive your quote, and make your initial payment.


Our direct platform is an efficient online insurance buying experience offering you competitive pricing and more control of the process.